WAVE Worcester Flea market… selling some bits and bobs

When I’m out sourcing lovely bits to add to the Halliday’s collection, I can’t help but keep an eagle eye out for “bits for the home”. When I say bits for the home, I sadly don’t mean anything useful, or anything that I really really need (like a new washing machine, some dining chairs, or how about a desk to work from). What I mean, rather more delightfully, are some classic vintage pieces to make my home, usually meaning my kitchen, look lovely. I know some people might be put of by my use of “vintage” with regards to homewares… rather annoyingly the word seems to get overused a lot these days, more often than not referring to anything but an actual vintage piece. I’m one of those people who needs to have the real deal… I don’t care if it’s a bit bashed, or a lid doesn’t fit something quite properly, or if in order to close the cupboard door you have to push it “just so”. In fact I quite often think this is what adds more charm and character. Reproduction things don’t sit too well with me; however much something looks old-fashioned, or a bit rough around the edges, if it ain’t got it’s history, i ain’t interested. In fact, my brother always says I’m really easy to buy for; he seems to think that he could get something out of a skip and i’d be happy. And he’s most probably right.

Anyway, skips aside… When I’m buying for myself, I’ve got a real thing about 1950s and 60s china and glassware. I know that I don’t need a seventh set of cups and saucers, but somehow, I just can’t help myself. When I come home proudly announcing that I discovered “a real gem” that I “just couldn’t leave” (my favourite saying), they boy just gives me that knowing smile and stacks it away with the rest of the stuff. And sadly, that’s where a lot of it stays. In with the other “stuff”, sometimes just sitting there in its bubble wrap, unopened and unloved.

So I’ve decided it’s time to have a clear out! I’m off to the WAVE Worcester Flea market tomorrow to sell some of my lovely wares. They really need good homes, and need a lot more love than they get sat in a cupboard.

Here’s a little look at the sort of things i’ll be selling, if you’re in the area do pop by and say hello! We’ll be there from 8.30 until 3.30, some come and show us a little love, and nab yourself a beautiful vintage bargain.







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