Vintage clothes for sale!

Sorry we’ve been a little bit quiet this week… my mantra was to keep up with regular posts on the blog, but it appears that life, work, and everything in between seems to get in the way!

So we’ve been having a huge spring clean at home (in preparation for the arrival of some lovely new Halliday’s stock!) When I say spring clean, I mean a huge cleaning/sorting spree! I’ve been scrubbing skirting boards and polishing like you wouldn’t believe. Luckily, I can now confirm that the old “tidy house tidy mind” mantra is true! I feel like I have a new found vitality with our lovely spruced up surroundings!

Anyway, during the spring clean, I decided to have a bit sort out of the wardrobes full of clothes that we own, that I appear to never have even worn! Getting the dutiful boyfriend to take a few snaps, I’ve now listed some of these vintage clothes on eBay! You can see them here, but I also thought I’d include a few sneaky peeks of the sort of things I’m selling….




There are some really lovely bits for sale, so please take a look and feel free to get bidding! : )

I’ll be uploading more items every day, so keep checking back for some more lovely vintage treats,









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