Curio Trinkets… some beautiful, vintage-inspired jewellery

Last week I blogged about the lovely Amy, who I met at the Worcester Vintage Fair. She’s the creative wonder behind the sugar craft pieces I wrote about… incase you missed it these are some of her creations… ImageImageImage

When I talked to Amy she said that the sugar craft was something she “just did in my spare time”, and so needless to say I was interested in what her main focus was. Well, now I’ve seen that she’s got another wonderfully creative string to her bow!


Now this isn’t the Amy Dowling appreciation blog, but I think that this jewellery is just lovely!


Amy initially started making these lovely resin pieces when she acquired some vintage photographs in a house clearance. Not wanting to just get rid of them (she thought them too special to throw away), she searched around online and found some examples of resin jewellery that she soon fell in love with. Researching how to produce them, she quickly sourced everything that she needed to start making them, and that’s where it all began!


Initially she began by setting some of the old photos, beads and vintage fabric into the reson, producing some really lovely pieces. She then began to look in charity and vintage shops for other interesting text, images and maps to use, and found some beautiful old books (one of her favourites being a Greek book from 1929!), using moulds to create her first pieces.


Amy now sells her resin jewellery pieces for both men and women, under the name Curio Trinkets (which, incidentally I think is such a sweet name! Curio means a small article valued as a collectors item, especially something fascinating or unusual.. perfect hey?!). Amy can personalise any piece of jewellery, so if you have a particular photograph, or piece of fabric of sentimental value, then she can set it for you! Catering for both men and women, she’s found that maps work particularly well in personalised cufflinks. “A groom could have the place where he proposed in one, and the location of the wedding in the other… a really lovely special touch that you can then treasure forever.”.


I think they are just so sweet! And a really lovely way at adding a hint of vintage to your special day (or indeed to an outfit on a daily basis!) Being able to personalise them is just so special, whether you want to use the location of your wedding, a date that’s special to you, an excerpt of a book with special meaning, or fabric that you want to treasure forever. Amy encapsulates a past era, or a forgotten moment, setting in resin to stay with you for years to come.


As they don’t break the bank, I also think they could make a lovely gift for your husband or wife to be, or perhaps for your bridesmaids or ushers! However you want to use them, Amy is definitely one to watch!

She currently sells directly to individuals, as she’s in the process of setting up a platform of making them more directly available to the public, so feel free to get in touch if you want me to pass on your details.

And for now, enjoy her lovely images, like little time capsules…









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