“The Vintage Wedding Fair” Leamington Spa, and Doubleyou Weddings

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of having the lovely Claire Williams from Doubleyou Weddings round for a cuppa, a chin-wag, and an afternoon of work. After weeks of daily emails back-and-forth, it was such a treat to finally meet Claire, and to put some of our ideas in to practice! Claire initially approached my after seeing the launch of Halliday’s last month, and straight away we clicked like old friends. Claire is the brains (and beauty) behind Doubleyou Weddings, a wonderful wedding planning service based here in the Midlands. Using any “alternative to the norm” as inspiration. Claire says “I can ease the stress and help you process the biggest day of your lives… You can have my support from day one, right through to on-the-day coordination.” And once you meet her, you probably won’t want her to leave. She’s an incredibly calming influence, with a smile to rival anyone’s, and the perfect lady for the job!


As soon as we got chatting we knew there was some scope for us to work together, and with emails flying every other minute we decided to collaborate on a table for a wedding fair! Both being fairly new to the wedding business (and therefore not having a lot of funds!) combining our creative skills seemed like a brilliant idea! Claire had already got the lovely Discover Vintage’sThe Vintage Wedding Fair” in Leamington in mind, and with the chance to dress the table with some of our beautiful crocs, I of course jumped at the chance!

Discover Vintage put on some really amazing events, from the Twinwood Music and Dance Festival  (definitely worth a click on the link to see the video!) to vintage fairs up and down the country, this lovely Wedding Fair really is a must-see for any brides who want an element of a past-era in their wedding. I talked recently here about how you don’t have to go all out with a vintage theme, about incorporating little touches, and the Discover Vintage wedding fair is sure to give you squillions of ideas! Don’t believe me? Take a look at their promotional video, it just looks like so much fun!



It really isn’t one to miss, even if just for a lovely nostalgic day out! It’s being held at The Assembly, Leamington Spa, and is open from 11am until 4pm. Entry is only £5, and you can even book in for a hair appointment provided by the wonderful girls at The Vintage SalonWhat’s not to love?! I really can’t wait to have some of the Halliday’s bit and pieces on show, and to be working with Doubleyou Weddings really is a treat.

So pop down on Sunday and come and say hello!






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