All quiet on the western front…

Wow. Three weeks! Three. Whole. Weeks. I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog post! I’m sure I’m not quite up there yet with devout readers who trawl the internet eagerly searching for my latest pearls of wisdom… ! But, if you have been thinking that I’ve been a bit rubbish not posting anything recently, well, you’d be right!


Firstly my apologies for being pretty crap and not having posted anything for a while. You might remember I’d previously blogged about the boy becoming an uncle for the first time, with the arrival of two little babies to his best friend and his wife, and his sister and her husband. Well, two weeks ago saw the arrival of my darling little niece, Jasmine Mia. A little dot at 6 lbs 4oz, she is an absolute beauty, and the total apple of my brother and his wife’s eye as their first born baby. This completes the hat-trick for me!- all three of my siblings are now with children, and I couldn’t be happier about it!! This is my first niece, too, so she is going to be absolutely spoilt rotten! Now excuse me for being a little self-indulgent, but who doesn’t want to see pictures of cute newborn babies?!


Isn’t she an absolute little poppet?!


That’s her with her proud parents, my brilliant brother Josh (who’s birthday it also happens to be today, happy birthday bro!) and his incredible wife Sian. They are such an amazing couple, and the thought of them having this amazing little family unit together pretty much sets off the water works every time I think about it!


So…. Combine that with (an exciting) surge of interest and proposals to Halliday’s, and, well, the past few weeks have flown by! I must admit, I am more than a little annoyed at myself for having not blogged recently, as I felt like i was just getting into the swing of things! Not to worry though, am sure I will quickly find my feet and have smoke coming off my fingers because I’m typing so fast! For now though I’m off to eat some cake and look at pictures of cute babies. Only ones that I’m related too though, of course….







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