What a lovely l…

What a lovely little treat, this evening I logged onto our Facebook page to find this lovely message left for us!…

Thank-you so much halliday’s vintage for making my engagement party so individual and creative. Everyone had something to say about the tea cups and tea pots. You were so accommodating and helpful even around my busy schedule!! Only problem was I wasn’t allowed to keep it all! Definitely giving you a ring when i’ve set the date for the wedding! 

Thanks again
Harriet and Trev

It might seem a little self-indulgent to be posting nice comments people have written about Halliday’s, but we’ve not been going terribly long, and customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount to me, so when we get a response like this, I want to shout it from the rooftops! : D

Harriet found us on Facebook and decided to use our beautiful china tea services for her engagement party! It was a job that I was delighted to take on, as I think having a tea party to celebrate your engagement to the person you love is a very sweet and wonderful idea.

I’ll be doing a photo blog post soon to show you all our beautiful wares on Harriet and Trev’s special day, so keep your eyes peeled!





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