Lichfield Vintage Fair… this bank holiday weekend!

As some of you may have read before, from time to time the boy and I do flea markets/vintage fairs to sell some of our lovely vintage homewares and clothes. We spend most of our spare time together having trips to flea markets, junk shops and antique rooms, buying things we can’t afford, but that are just too lovely to leave behind! So we take them home, clean them up, and, well, run out of places to put things! So with our cupboards overflowing, every now and then we need to have a massive clearout (in order to start all over again!)

It’s a little short notice, but tomorrow I’ll be down at the Three Spires Shopping Centre in Lichfield, selling vintage homewares and clothes, as part of the “Lichfield Boutique Markets presents… Vintage and Craft!” The lovely Lucy who has co-ordinated the entire thing has taken over three empty shops on Baker’s Lane for the two days, in what proves to be a beautiful display of all things vintage, crafty, and from a bygone era!
Luckily for us this time the fair is in a shop, as last time we got just a little bit chilly at the wet and windy Worcester Flea Market!
We will be upstairs at the old Buxton and Bonnets shop, on Baker’s Street (WS13 6NF, for those of you with a Sat Nav) from 9am until 5.30 on Friday 4th (that’s tomorrow!) and Saturday 5th May. Lucy’s done a brilliant job of dressing the windows of the empty shops, and I think it’s a fantastic idea to try and bring some interest and business back into the local area. We’ve all seen shops closing down left, right and centre where we live, with pound shops and Ex-catalogue shops cropping up in their place, so please come and show your support for the local area too! Do pop down and say hi, it will be lovely to see some friendly faces, both old and new!
Plus there’ll be lots of lovely things to buy… what more can you ask for on a rainy Friday afternoon?!

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