Families… and being an auntie : D

I am definitely still a novice at this blogging malarky… I’ve just realised this blog post that I’d “scheduled” for a few days ago didn’t actually post at all..! And what with the bank holiday, I hadn’t had a moment to think to check it! So better late than never, a little post about my darling newborn niece and on family and being an auntie…
Some of you may know that I am already incredibly blessed to have two darling nephews, and that recently I became an auntie for the first time to a little niece. I love the idea of our family extending and evolving through these tiny little people, building their own characters, forging their own footprints into the world. I love the idea that two people can create another life, and that life grows inside one of them. I honestly just think it’s the most phenomenal thing, and it blows my mind a little bit! I’m sure I’m going to mention my various extended family at many points down the line, so I guess a little insight into my family might be of interest here, so here goes…
I guess you’d class my parents as ageing hippies, although we’re not talking tie-dye and jos sticks, more like a leaning towards a buddhist approach to life, an open door policy and house full of mis-matched belongings (because it doesn’t really matter if “it goes”). My father is now retired, although prior to that was a college art teacher. He’s always practiced as along as I can remember, and now has his studio in the converted stable in their back garden. My mum worked for years as a nursery nurse, setting up her own nursery at the age of 38, when she already had two children, and I was on the way!
My older sister is now in her 40’s and has a wonderfully talented and vivacious 13 year old son called Jacob. He’s my nephew number 1!
My younger sister and I are just 18 months apart in age, and although we’ve been through some “interesting” times, I’d class her as one of my best friends. She has an 18 month old son called Elijah, who is just the cutest little cheeky monkey ever (of course I am biased, but look at him!)
You might have read my blog post a little while ago about the latest addition to my extended family, my first beautiful niece! Born in March, she’s the daughter of my older brother and his brilliant wife (who has now become another “sister” to me) and she’s completed the hat-trick of children for my siblings! And I couldn’t be happier. So for all baby lovers, I thought I’d give a little picture gallery update. And if you’re not a baby lover, well, you can scroll to the bottom!
This is the little lady aged 2 weeks…
And this is her aged ten weeks!
What a little poppet!
I couldn’t be prouder of the three of them, and for each of my sisters and brothers for creating them, and building the lives of these wonderful three children.
“It takes a village to raise a child”
I have a wonderfully supportive and creative family, who have always brought us up to be honest, kind, have our integrity and to do what makes us happy. I realise that this probably sounds like a load of self-indulgent look-at-my-family nonsense, but I guess sometimes it’s nice to write lovely things about lovely people. And I guess if I can’t talk about things that I like and love on here, then where can I?! And if it doesn’t interest you hugely, then you don’t have to read it. And I mean that in the nicest possible way, sincerely, I promise not to post pictures of babies for at least another 3 posts. (Probably)
(NB If you like pictures of babies, and cats come to think of it, then have a look at my instagram feed!)

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