The Great Midlands Fun Run, in memory of a wonderful man.

I’d like to start with a little bit of an apology for being so quiet of late… things have been rather hectic in the Halliday’s camp, both personally and professionally.
We’re getting some really lovely feedback about Halliday’s vintage china hire, more specifically with our styling side of things (more to come soon in an exciting blog post!) which is really wonderful. 
Personally things have also been hectic, although I can’t complain, it’s all been for brilliant reasons! My darling little niece Jasmine is now 3 months old, and just getting cuter by the second (see here for gushing-overwhelmed-auntie post), and it seems wedding fever is upon us again as we’ve been to two in as many weeks recently. 
Another reason I’ve been a little pre-occupied is that this Sunday I am taking part in the Great Midlands Fun Run. And let me tell you, so far, there’s been nothing fun about it! Don’t get me wrong, I am actually really looking forward to the 8.5 miles on Sunday. I’ve not so much enjoyed the “training” process. Anyone who’s ever met me will tell you that I am definitely not a runner. I work out a little bit, I enjoy dancing and anything that involves movement, but running, well that’s a no. A big, fat. no.
However, as many of you will have read, in February this year a wonderful man, and husband of a dear friend on mine passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer. You couldn’t have found a man more full of life, and energy. A few years ago, Simon found his love of endurance tasks, and started to participate in runs, swiftly moving on to Marathons and then Iron Man competitions.
Simon representing Great Britain in the European Duathlon in Edinburgh.
“At the age of 29, Simon was a personal trainer and fitness instructor, had degrees in Sports and Exercises Sciences (University of Birmingham), Sports Biomechanics (Loughborough University) and Chemical Engineering (University of Newcastle), had competed numerous marathons and triathlons including three Ironman races and had represented Great Britain in the duathlon. Just before he became ill in October, Simon ran the Amsterdam Marathon in 3 hours and 9 minutes, qualifying him for the elite entrants to the London Marathon. Surely one of the world’s least likely candidates for cancer…” 
Sadly Pancreatic Cancer is a very rare form of the illness, more commonly found in older people, and has very little known about it. In fact, in 1962 the survival rate of five years or more was just 3%. Now, 40 years on in 2012, the survival rate is still 3%. Three percent. That’s exactly the same. Nothing’s changed, four decades  later.
So, in memory of Simon “Ironman” Fenn, and in support of The Pancreatic Research Fund, 70-odd of us are running just under 14k on Sunday 10th June 2012, in the Great Midlands Fun Run. “Team Zeemon” has been lovingly created by Simon’s family and friends, and in the true spirit of Simon, we are all wearing orange!
 Simon (left) and his friends cycling in the French Alps.
In true uniting spirit, there is a communal Virgin Giving page where all participants running for Pancreatic Research Fund can donate online, meaning that there is a group total raised instead of indiovidual sponsorships. If any of you would like to sponsor us, you can find the details here. It literally takes under 30 seconds, and even if you donate just a pound, well, that would be a great step forward into building up the proceeds. I mean, thinking about it you can’t even get on the bus for a pound! You can’t even buy a drink for a quid. It might seem like nothing, but if everyone who’s ever read one of my blog posts spent 30 seconds to just donate £1, then we’d really be making a different to the research that goes in to this awful disease, and hopefully stop other people suffering so much.
If you also want to come down and watch me struggle up “Cardiac Hill” (yes, that’s actually what it’s reffered to as. Oh joy) then come down to Sutton Park on Sunday 10th June (that’s tomorrow, eek!) and wave us on! We are running in bright orange (Simon’s running colour of choice) so we won’t be hard to miss! (NB just look out for my pink hair accompanied by my bright beetroot face). The race starts at 11am, and the rest of the race details can be viewed here.
If you can’t make it down, and really can’t spare a pound to donate, then please send lots ofpositive vibes and luck our way…. I think I’m going to need it!
And in memory of Simon, take every opportunity you get and be the best you can be.

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