Notza and Tom’s Wedding – A Celebration of Love

A fortnight ago I had the huge pleasure of attending the wedding of two very dear friends of my family’s. I absolutely love a good wedding (who doesn’t?!) but right from the get go I knew this one was going to be special. Notza and Tom are best friends with my brother and his wife. Tom and Josh met in secondary school, and have known each other for the best part of 20 years, so Tom is like part of the furniture! (sorry, family). Notza has got a flowing family who, in some form, probably make up 20% of the village that I’m from! My parents have known her parents for years, so Notza and Tom’s wedding felt pretty special to all of our family.

As soon as I got the invite through the post, I knew this wasn’t going to your run-of-the-mill wedding.
 Soon after the arrival of the invitation, Notza got in touch about hiring some our lovely bits and pieces for their big day. Being the super-excitable geek that I am, I soon started a Pinterest board for their wedding, their Celebration of Love. And we started talking about the different things that could be included in both the ceremony and the reception. Notza is one blooming creative lady, and is surrounded by lots of clever and talented family and friends, and so pretty soon she had all bases covered! In the end, they decided that they’d like to include some china and glassware in the form of a dessert buffet…. yum!
Sadly all the delicious dessert treats were gone by the time we arrived (shame!), but I’m assured that there are some lovely pictures which I’ll post as soon as I get my mitts on them : )  For now, here are my little collection of snaps from Tom and Notza’s celebration of love…
The venue…
Tom and Notza held their wedding at the beautiful Matara, a unique wedding venue in the Costwolds, a truly beautiful venue
“Built upon earth-friendly principles and set in stunning gardens – ideal for green weddings… offering peace, inspiration and a touch of luxury.”
The couple decorated the room with heaps of fairy lights, elegant settings, and colourful lanterns on the ceiling.
Notza wore some amazing Irregular Choice shoes, I’ve had lots of people asking me if they do different colours for evening wear too! (They do!)
Detail of Irregular Choice Shoes
Thought you might enjoy a snap of us dressed up, I love this dress so much I’ve worn it for two weddings!
Detail of the lace Peter Pan collar
En route with handfuls of silver, the invite made by Notza and Tom’s friend, and Essie nail varnish
Both the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ bouquets were made by Notza’s motherImage
and were a beautiful array of lots of different wild flowers and colours
The couple provided a “Wedding Survival Kit” in the communal loo’s, which included hairspray, plasters, gel cushions for tired tootsies, chewing gum, painkillers and all sorts! I thought this was a brilliant idea, and really sweet and considerate for the guests!
And finally, the cake! As big VW fans, there was only one option for their cake really! Complete with characters of Tom and Notza hanging out of each window! (The couple have since been on holiday in their VW campervan… awwwwwww).
It was an absolutely wonderful day to be part of and share with everyone, and I send Notza and Tom all the love and happiness in the world!

One thought on “Notza and Tom’s Wedding – A Celebration of Love

  1. Amazing! What fab pictures and brilliant ideas for a wedding. We’re going to six this year (two down, four to go!) and this is the most imaginative I’ve seen so far. Why aren’t they all like this??! Emma x

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