Cheryl & Chris, A Cinema Wedding 04/08/2012




Some of you may have read my blog post last week about the upcoming wedding at the Electric Cinema … well, it has now been and gone, and with all the guests and the happy couple having seen it, I can now share it with you without ruining any surprises!

 Sadly for now you’ll have to make do with my own personal snaps, although I can’t wait to see what the amazing Anna Clarke photography comes up with, as they were the photographers for the day!

(Please do excuse my photography too, who knew it was SO hard to take good photo’s in a cinema?!)

One of my favourite aspects of this wedding was the wedding confetti… Cheryl had seen my confetti cones on Halliday’s website, and fell in love with them straight away. 



That’s when I thought I’d make them even more special, and perfect for the cinema venue, so we used old fashioned cinema tickets for the confetti, mixed with rose petals for added loveliness : )  I’ve got to admit, it’s one my favourite confetti sets that I’ve done since we launched (even if I did have to rip up 4,000 tickets!)



And obviously, as presentation is everything, they were sat in a vintage wooden crate, and a suitcase adorned with their initials in foot-high letters : )





As a venue, the Electric Cinema has a lot of wonderful character, but, for a softer feel, we added a few more touches to make it more of a “wedding” venue. Cheryl and Chris had decided on a sort of English country garden theme for their reception, but with a modern twist, hence using a truly unique venue such as The Electric Cinema for their ceremony.

To set the scene when guests first walked into Screen 1, were piles of vintage suitcases, an old super8 projector, and reels of old film footage mixed in with old cinema ticket stubs. 



Armed with more lace than you can shake a stick at, we adorned the stage with 60 jam jars, all decorated with ribbon, lace and 1920’s style diamante patches (in keeping with the theme of the art deco building, and Cheryls dress, but more about THAT another time!) with tea lights in to soften the lighting and the mood. 
Then there were the foot-and-a-half high antique wooden letters, lovingly covered with a gold leafing process…


ImageTraditionally at a church wedding, lots of people choose to have floral arrangements or decorative items on the end of the pews… obviously in a cinema their aren’t pews as such, so we put in place tall jam jars decorated with lace and string, and filled with lavender and sweet peas, both for that beautiful smell, mixed with statice, wild flowers and gysophelia. It was such a glorious scent to walk in to!




Ahhhh, the flowers. The flowers! I don’t claim to be a florist, certainly not, but I think I’ve got a nice eye for colour, and a good ability to adapt to a theme or surroundings. Cheryl and Chris had already chosen their wedding flowers from the brilliant Amy at Little A, who was decorating the reception with flowers, and so when cheryl said she wanted something to fill the foyer, I knew exactly what it had to be!  The foyer was adorned with a selection of old glass bottles, mainly green and clear glass, these are some of my personal favourites!



Love the detail!






The glass bottles were filled with piles of sweet peas, mint flowers, fresh lavender, sweet williams, lisianthus, gypsophilia, larkspur, statice, and just looked like fields of wildflowers had come straight into the indoors…





And who knew mint flowers were so beautiful?! (not to mention the amazing smell!)




And finally, for the toast, just to top off that vintage art-deco feel, Chris and Cheryl hired 100 vintage champagne saucers for their reception… what an elegant way to make all your speeches and say your thank you’s!

I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic couple to dress a venue for, and with their wonderful taste, a brilliant venue, it was literally a dream job.







2 thoughts on “Cheryl & Chris, A Cinema Wedding 04/08/2012

  1. Aww Imogen thank you once again! Everything looked so beautiful and elegant. The champagne glasses went down a right treat : )

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